Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Concern.....

Today while walking with my kids to school, a group of teenagers, still in their uniforms were walking ahead of us. They were talking loudly to each other and next thing I knew was they were using foul words! "@#$%^@#%..... " They were oblivious to people around them. L & Z looked at me.... I quickly pulled them away and walked past them.

I knew I'm in no position to tell them off, the only thing that I could do was to pull my kids away. Thank goodness L did not asked me anything. What is happening to youngster nowadays? Do they have say that?

I'm worried.... Will L & Z be like that when they are at their age? I hope not... Just last year, I overheard primary school children scolding their teachers stupid & vulgar words! And it happened in the school! I don't used such words like stupid or shit in front of my kids but I can't stop others. I know it will be inevitable that they will be pick it up sooner or later when they go to school. I just hope that they know that it is not right or nice to use it.

If only all parents are able to refrain from using such words then perhaps it will help... And of coz when there are children around any adults.....


fannie said...

i had a few similiar encounters too. The school opp my estate has students like u mentioned. At times, i would feel so irritated, but do not know how to explain to ethyl, but try to talk to her, in order not to let her hear their conversations.

kids these days makes me worry...we need to establish a good foundation and bond with them, hoping that when they grow up, they'll treat us like a friend and no degenerate like those.

huisia said...

I even saw some little boys (below 10) talking vulgar languages in internet cafe. OMG..i was thrilled when i heard those words, i'm concerned what will happen when my kids come to their age, that's a terrible manner which i definitely can't accept!!

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