Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Good Girl

There are things that I have been wanting to update.....

  • L has been showering on her own for abt a month! I will wash her hair and she do the rest.
  • Every morning she will pack up her bed and her brother's bed.
  • She will give me a BIG kiss & hug in the morning when she greets me
  • When we happen to look at each other, (eg: If I'm in the kitchen and she's in the living room) we will give each other a flying kiss.
  • When I say "babies, please wear your shoes! Time to go to school!", she will help me turn off the TV and the switches.
  • Before we leave the house she will look at herself in the mirror. To make sure that she looks pretty
  • When we come home, she will arrange our shoes, keeping those that she /we don't wear often
  • After finishing her food, she will put her dish in the kitchen sink without me telling her.
  • Every other day, she will draw a pics for any 1 of us
  • When she hears music, she has to dance, whether at home or when we are out. (I have to tell her not to do it when we are out)
  • When I ask didi to pack up his toys, she will be there to help. (most of the time)
  • When I turn on the aircon during meal, she will close the kitchen door & sliding door without me telling her.
  • When we tell her sad things, she cries or when she hear or watch sad stories. When she sees me upset she will cry too. She is very emotional...
  • Since young, when she hurt herself, I always say "Magic magic no more pain. Pain pain go away! We don't want you!" We still do that and sometimes she says that to her didi too if he hurt himself. Silly right?
  • After we say goodnight, we must hug. If daddy is the one that put them to bed, she will wait for me to finish shower and hug me. She said she can't sleep if we didn't hug. So sweet right?

There are times when she is naughty too but these are some of the things she did that always melt my heart and I will forget how naughty she was.... I love you Sweetie.


Jan said...

aiyo, you have a super sweet angel....wish RayAnne was like L...kekekeke

Yenny said...

Ur girl is really good girl. Hope that my girl will be like ur girl one day.

LZmommy said...

Indeed she is! But she can be naughty at times....'RayAnne is still very young, when she is at L's age, I'm sure she will will just as sweet :)

Thanks for visiting :) I'm sure your girl will be just as sweet too :) Tried to visit your site but can't seems to access your profile.

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