Monday, March 26, 2007


Thanks to Wokking Mum for tagging me and it is my 1st tag! A long overdue tag.....

[A is for age]:
My age? Same as Elaine :)

[B is for booze of choice]:
When was the last time I had one?

[C is for career]:
Does SAHM consider a career? We work 24/7

[D is for your most dreaded]:
When I fall sick and DH is not around AND I have take care of LZ (all at the same time!)

[E is for essential item you use everyday]:
My HP, to play games while waiting for them to finish their lessons.

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
LZ's goodbye song

[G is for favorite games]:

[H is for Hometown]:

[I is for indulgence:]

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]
Orange Juice (boring....)

[K is for kids]:
My Babies L & Z

[L is for last hug from husband]
This morning

[M is for years of marriage]:
This year is the 7th year

[N is for name of your crush]:
Huh? What crush?

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
When LZ were born

[P is for phobias]:
Errr... Can't think of any

[Q is for quote]:

[R is for biggest regret]:
I should have marry my hubby earlier and shouldn't give up my organ scholarship when I was young.

[S is for status, married or single]:
Happily married

[T is for time you wake up]:
When my kids wake up

[U is for underwear]:
That is for my hubby to know only. Hehehe....

[V is for vegetable you love]:

[W is for worst habit]:
munching snacks while cooking

[ X is for x-rays you’ve had]:
X-ray for my teeth

[Y is for yummy food you make]:

[Z is for zodiac sign]:

It would be nice to know more abt the following mommies (if you have time) : Jan, Mamabliss, Huisia, Mummyjoys, Mama Tang, Fannie


fannie said...

alamak! I'm tagged again!!! I still owe tags leh...I will try and fulfill this soon :)

Wokking Mum said...

Both of us same age? Really? But at least your kids are older than mine. So you will retire earlier than me. hahaha!

SAHM is a life long career leh.

Jan said...

wah....tag again....will try to do it busy preparing for tomorrow office open house....pass up my homework next week ok ok!!!

LZmommy said...

Hi Jan & Fannie
Take your time ya... It took me wks to get this done! Hehehe...

Wokking mum
No kidding :) I or 2 yrs, not much diffence leh....

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