Monday, March 12, 2007

Want To Get A Pet?

A pet that doesn't need real food, water, shower or you to clear the poo poo!

Remembered I used to have a Tamagotchi many many years bk..... Now I got one for my girl (or for myself?). It is already 9 yrs old (everyday it will be a yr older) and her name is Wen ( L named her). The new version is different as it allows you to connect with your friends and collect gifts from internet. We yet to find any friend that has tamagotchi too. Hmmm.... Perhaps if L's friends' birthday coming, we will get that for them. Hehehe....

Just found out our Tamagotchi character is Hanatchi - This Tamagotchi has a remarkably large nose; he always seem to suffer from hay fever.

I have been helping L to take care of it when she is in class or when she misbehaves. Something that is for my girl & me only :) Daddy said that as if I have not enough in my hands, taking care of our family, a dog, a terrapin and now a game pet!


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