Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What kind of Person Is She?

Yesterday after sending LZ to school and I saw a maid, an old lady (think she's their grandma) and 2 pre-schoolers walking out of the school. I was thinking, so nice of the grandma to pick the kids everyday after school (I see them almost everyday). Just then, I heard her shouting :" You stupid! Walk this side lah!" Oh my! I was shocked! How could she say that to the kids?

No matter how angry we are, we shouldn't say that to the kids. When I am angry, I may have shouted at my kids but I will never use harsh words on them. Sometimes, I will walk away to cool down or I give them a stern look and they will get the hint that I'm getting mad.

When L or Z hear others use 'stupid' or 'shit', they will say "mommy, that guy very naughty, he say that word!"/ "mommy, cannot say stupid right?" Of coz I will always say 'shhhh". What happen if that person hear us and decided to bash me? :D Whenever we are out with our friends, they will refrain from using those words too. That was very thoughtful of them.


Jan said...

oh dear and I tot grandparents would have more patience with kids....haiz...so sad hor

Our family also like yours, everytime the rays hear someone say STUPID, they would say, he say bad words, nottie boy...kekekek

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