Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time To Exercise

Finally godpa managed to persuade godma to start blading. Yeah! Wished that I could blade today but we have 2 kids and each of us have to take care of one :(

Before we went to the park, daddy had to search for a place to pump air for their bicycle. Z was very happy that he got to ride bicycle while jiejie was blading with godparents. What did we do? We exercise too! I was struggling to teach & to hold L and daddy was teaching Z how to cycle. How glad I was that godma's cousin came along to help me! At least I can take a break...

I bet the next day their legs will be aching! lol

Click on the pic to enlarge

I baked some cupcakes with another recipe and I'm glad everyone like it except DH who prefer it without any icing. The cupcakes looked messy but what most important is the taste right? ;) Next time I shouldn't rush to complete the decoration.


Mama Tang said...

Seems like everyone's having lotsa fun. :) The cupcakes looks delicious. Love to have a bite. keke.

Btw, how do you add the video on your sidebar?

Wokking Mum said...

Looks like L is having lots of fun!!

Your cupcake looks lovely!!! Wish I had a oven! :(

kelly said...

Can see the kids were having a good time..The cupcakes look cute to me.. I'm sure you baked them with all your love. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely cupcakes !

How did you do that feature with the bladding photos ?

Janice said...


Sure looks YUMMY! Have been wanting to ask u for the recipe for cakes ... esp the icing.
Thgt of making for Hang's b/day.
If its not too much trouble, can email me ...

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