Friday, March 16, 2007

Z's Check-Up

What a terrible mommy I am! I forgot abt Z's 3 yr old check up and when I remembered it, he was down with flu. Now that he is ok and it's school holiday, I made appointment with his PD.

I was concerned that he tip-toe frequently so I voiced my concern to his PD. He check on his leg and feet. He told me not to worry as it was a habit of his. Hopefully he will stop doing it..... He was asked to draw lines, to name the objects, know the difference between big & small, his name & age, etc... He answered everything perfectly! Great job! Doc tested his eyesight too.

Head Cir. : 50.4cm
Weight : 14.9kg
Height : 96.2cm

We will see his PD again when he turns 4 and that will be end of this year. I will not forget the next appointment, I promise!


huisia said...

Mark the calendar sure you won't forget.

Jan said...

think Z will outgrow his tip toe habit lar, don't worry too much.

His weight and height quite telly with RayAnne. RayAnne is around 13kg and 93cm tall.

We try to help to remind you when Z turns 4 lor (hopefully we remember...heehee)

LZmommy said...

Will do that, thanks :)

Hopefully he will outgrow it la.....

Thanks in advance then. Now I need not worry, Hehehe...

kelly said...

Oh, Qianyi hasn't had her 3 year old check it compulsory? She loves tiptoeing too.

LZmommy said...

It's not compulsory. I just want to find out how is he progressing. Has Qianyi been tiptoeing for long too? For Z, it has been a long time,so I brought him to Doc to check on him.

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