Saturday, March 10, 2007

Family Gathering

We had a great time at Ah Ma's place. We were there early so that LZ can play in the pool. We were lazy to get into the pool so 二伯 spent time with them. I was surprised that one of their 堂哥went in too. He seldom play with them as he is quiet.

The age gap between them are big. The eldest are already 20+ yrs old and just started in the workforce and the youngest is in P5. I wished that the gap could be smaller. I envy the cousins going out for movies or meals together. I told DH, by the time our babies are older, most of them would be dating or working and they will not be as close. Perhaps they will bring them out ;) I''m glad most of their cousins do make an effort to play with them but what abt few years down the road? :( (some of them are now in poly, JC, Uni) Think LZ will be very stress too.... I asked DH, why your nieces/nephew so smart huh? They are good in their studies and some even good in musical instruments too!

By the time LZ finished with water play, everyone was there, 大伯's family, 二伯's family, 四婶 and 大姑姑's family. LZ felt welcome there as the adults showered them with so much attention! When they finished their dinner, they played and watched TV with the rest, Scooby Doo. DH and me used to take turns to take care of them to have our meals but now they are not as "sticky". Good thing is that LZ do feel at home with them too.


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