Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We love to write!

Look how serious they are when they do their homework! L usually spend more time doing her homework (school work and work given by me). Sometimes when Z finished with his work and jiejie is still doing it, he will ask for more. Think he wants to keep her company. Hehehe....


huisia said...

I can't believe Z just 3 months older than Jo, Z seems more smarter than Jo as Jo still doesn't know how to hold pen correctly.

LZmommy said...

Give Jo some time and with more practice he will do well too. :) Z only start writing beginning of this yr.

Jan said...

no wonder you said Rayner can set an example for I see what you mean.....but when Rayner writes, it doesnt motivate RayAnne to write leh unlike your Z.

I can see he will join jiejie when she does her homework but not RayAnne, althought RayAnne and Z is around the same age.

Your L and Z are great kids all because you bought them up well....good job LZmommy!

LZmommy said...

Actually it was Z that set example for L leh... He is the one that likes to do homework. It was only this year that they are more interested. Give RayAnne more time, I'm sure she will like to join Rayner.

Thanks Jan :) You are a great mommy too. Working & taking care of Rays at the same time, it's not easy for you too.

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