Monday, March 12, 2007

Swimming Lesson

After almost 3 months break, L is taking swimming lesson again. The class is much smaller, with 3 other friends. It was the same coach that has taught her for the past 1+ year. L was very happy and excited!

My friend has a 3 yr old boy too so we asked the coach to look for another coach (same timing as the girls)for our boys. He said it's ok for our boys to join in too but we don't like the idea as both boys are still young and don't know how to swim. We found out from him that the girls do go into the deep pool. How can I let my boy go there when he can't even swim? It will not be fair to the girls too. When I told him my concern, he said never mind, they can wear the arm floats *FAINT*. Think the coach just want to keep all the students to himself ( fees for the boys are higher too).

Before we leave the house, I told Z he will not be dipping in the pool and he seemed to understand then. But when we arrived, he asked for his swimsuit. He was angry with me when I told him I did not bring his swimsuit. He sulked for 15 mins, sitting right in front of the pool where jiejie was at. My friend asked why I don't I go into the pool with him. Well, mommy was lazy.... I just want to relax by the pool and not in the pool especially after preparing dinner and sending them here. After some time, I managed to coax him to have his dinner while waiting for jieijie.

Let's hope I can find a coach for him soon....


huisia said...

The coach seems very irresponsible to say this LOL..

kelly said...

Wearing arm floats?? You can be the coach yourself if Z's wearing arm floats.. :)

fannie said... can the coach say such a thing??!!

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