Sunday, March 11, 2007


We are at the beach and we love it! Today was the day that I became Mrs in the eyes of the law ;;) We usually don''t exchange gift or celebrate on this day but on our customary date and last year, we forgot all about it till it''s over! Well... This year I was the one who remembered but not DH. :> This year is the 7th year!

We had dinner at Kenny Roger everything was great till Z broke a bottle of tobasco sauce. He had the sauce all over his slippers and we felt bad that we messed up the restaurant. Glad that he didn't hurt himself.

School holiday starts tomorrow and yet to plan anything for them. I remembered they still have their other classes so we may not be doing anything at all! Maybe a trip to the library will make them happy.....


anne said...

great photos to behold! i also watched the video clips and they're just super cute! your kids are just lovely. i love that lots and lots of pizz song :D nice to read about people living happy lives.

LZmommy said...

Hi Anne :)
Thank You for visiting & the compliments!

Mama Tang said...

Must have enjoyed yourselves at the beach. :)

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