Monday, March 22, 2010

Bento #171 (Lunch) & Bento #172 (snack)

Today is the FIRST time Z goes to school without Jieje.  L has to go fro ballet exam later so she is excused from school.  Think he felt kind of boring, having breakfast and getting ready on his own. 

I have started preparing 2 sets of bento for them to bring to school every Monday.  I can't bear to see Beanie not getting enough rest whenever I have to make an extra trip to school when he is supposed to be napping and it is HOT to send the food during 2nd recess.  That means on Mondays, I have to prepare 4 SETS, 2 snack & 2 lunch bento.  Sometimes, if I can't get get ready the bentos ready in time, I will give them to snack bento and send the lunch bento (for their 1st recess, also their early lunch) to school.  This way, Beanie will be back home in time for his nap.

Z's 1st bento for the day: Lunch bento

Top tier: Cookies (LZ baked it on weekend), raspberries. Bottom tier: Meatball & fishball, corn, sausages and purple wheat noodle with spinach. 

His 2nd bento for the day: Snack bento
In the box: Nutella sandwich, longan, grapes and a Easter chocolate.

I used hot chocolate powder for Thomas as I ran out of milo and it taste just as good.

For the 2nd recess bento, I usually have to prepare something that can 'survive' hours before they eat it.  So far, food that are used for 2nd recess 'survived' till they eat it.  Also, I prepare something light. 

With 2 bentos, sometimes it may be confusing for Z which one he should eat first.   So from today onwards, I will be writing a small note for each of his bento.  He loves the idea! 


imelda said...

wow ur such a caring and loving mother.

Angeline said...

That Thomas print is just so cool!

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