Thursday, March 25, 2010

PIcture Of LZ - March 2010

L & Z having fun! They were so noisy!   My neighbours probably thought we have lots of guests in the house! Haha...

They always try all sorts of way to make their baby brother laughs. Instead of him laughing, my 2 older babies giggles non stop!

Finally, a decent photo of my 3 Babies!


Rachel said...

Tat's the beauty of having older siblings. They really dote and look after their youngest brother/sister. =) Instead of snatching toys and make the youngest cry. =p

jean said...

Hi Jane, I like the last picture. Your children have the same look when they don't smile... so adorable!


Beautiful Love said...

It just warms every mummy's heart to see the siblings so loving towards each other :p

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