Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bento #162 - Lion

 Top tier: elephant shaped watermelon, elephant shaped cold tofu, stir fried pork with veggie.  Bottom tier: rice, pork floss, quail eggs and sauce in container (for tofu).

After her's field trip, L had to stayed back in school for extra lesson.  She asked for an animal themed bento.  I planned to just make a bear shaped rice only...  Ya...  So dull right?  As I was putting everything in the box, I saw the can of pork floss right in front of me and that gave me the idea of making a lion. Does it look cute?  If I have more time, I would put a little ribbon on it to make it more girly for my girl.

When I passed her the bento after school, I didn't expect her to sit on the floor (outside the school) with her friend and planned to have her meal there!  She was very happy when she saw today's bento!  I think she was proud of it especially when some of the students crowd around to look at it.  I had to rush her to eat fast instead of admiring her bento.  She has less than 20 mins to finish everything...  Poor Sweetie, always have to rush to finish her food in school. 


Lydia said...

You are just dripping with creative juice! ;P

Angeline said...

Her friends must be so envious of her. I would!

Idy said...

The lion is very 'live'!

LZmommy said...

Thanks Mommies :)

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