Saturday, March 27, 2010

School Anniversary Celebration - Charity Event

LZ's school celebrates their 70th Anniversary and organise a Charity event.  Kids were asked to sell the charity vouchers and we supported it by buying 2 sets of the coupons.  We used it for food, drinks and games.  L's class was honored to be one of the classes to be invited to perform today.

Honestly, I didn't expect myself to have fun but I did! L & I had henna done on our hands and we played games.. Poor Beanie was bored and so was LZdaddy...  He was 'assigned' by me to take care of him while I had fun with LZ Hehe... 


Blessed mum said...

ohhh..lucky you..we are the opposite!! daddy will have fun while i'm assign to ryan :(

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