Thursday, March 04, 2010

Beanie @ 12 Months

Can't believe Beanie has been with us for a year! He is very blessed to be loved by many...  Us, uncles, aunties, cousins and many more...

He has been progressing very well ever since he starts to put on weight after the 2nd month.  I remember clearly how worried I was when he was not putting on weight and I was so tempted to switch to formula milk for him and I am glad I persisted..  Till today, I enjoy my moments with him.  I love the way he hold on to me, they way he plays with my clothes, they way he smiles at me cheekily and the way he pinches me.  Yes, Beanie pinches me at times when I feed him!  I get small little bruises on my arms!

The HIGHLIGHT of the month would be Beanie can WALK!   He walks more than 20+ steps!  Each day, we count how many steps he took and every time it increases! He is fantastic!

Went for his checkup & jabs today.  He is one tough little boy, according to the nurse.  She said most babies cry when they take the Pneumococcal jab but Beanie frown just a little and continued playing with the toys. When comes to the 2nd jab (flu), he shows no reaction at all!  Proud of my little Beanie!

Weight: 10.6kg
Height: 75cm
Cir: 47.7cm

According to the chart, he is between 75 - 90 percentile!  Yippeee!

♥ Beanie tries all sorts of food and so far, he eats whatever I cooked. He has 3 solid meals a day and snacks in between. Cheese, bread, cookies, cereals (eg. cheerios) etc...  I no longer need to scrap apples/pears for him.  He uses his 8 teeth to chew on it.

Sometimes I give him a little of what we eat and that probably becomes a habit of his. Whenever we eat, he wants it too! He points to us and insist that we give that to him.  He doesn't give up till we give it to him!  Stubborn baby! Must be because he is born in the year of Ox! Hahaha...  He has started eating soft rice, noodles etc... He will probably starts eating what we eat, minus the seasonings.

♥ I think I failed on this... When LZ were at this age, I have already train them to sleep on their own.  For Beanie, I still need to nurse him to sleep.  I think the problem is all of them share a room.  If I leave him to cry, he will disturb LZ.  I have no choice but to nurse him till he falls asleep in my room before I carry him back.

Lately, Beanie has been sleeping late.  He usually sleeps at 9ish but recently he sleeps between 11 to midnight! I think it is because he has a long nap in the late morning (for 2 or 3 hours).  Coz of that, I push back his lunch time and nap time in the afternoon.  I have to try to adjust it but it is tough coz most of the time, I need to pick either L or Z up from school (late afternoon).

♥ He likes Bob the Builder!  He watches the programme while we are waiting for LZ in the car and enjoys the song especially.  He dances when he hears the song!  I ask him where is Bob and he will point at the screen and smiles.  That's why for his birthday, I ordered a Bob cake for him.  He watches sesame street, Mickey etc... But he likes Bob the most.

At home, he is not keen to watch TV at all unless I am sitting down with him.  So I seldom turn on TV and instead, we/he play toys or read books.

♥ He knows who is who in the house.  Me, papa, jiejie, gorgor and our helper.  When we ask him to pass something to one of us, he will do it.  Eg, every morning once he takes off his pajamas, I will ask him to pass his pj to our helper and he will do it.

♥ He is testing our limits everyday! He bangs things and throws things down from his highchair and 'asking' us to pick it for him.   When I say no to him, he sometimes stops or continue with a sweet smile. 

I used to have lunch with him first before picking LZ from school but now, we have our lunch with LZ (after school).  So that I have my 2 little assistant to help me pick things for him and entertain him!  Gagaga...

♥ He is learning how to get up/down the bed.  Sometimes he does it the correct way (getting down) but sometimes, he get too excited and forget.  I have to remind him to put his leg down first.

I usually bf him on L's bed and as it is lower, he is able to climb up whenever I am on the bed.  He looks so happy when he climbs up the bed.  I hope in a few months time, we can change his bed to a toddler bed.

♥ I think this little boy of mine will be a very good assistant to me.  Hehe..  When I need to wake gorgor up, I just have to tell him.  He will tap on gorgor's back and 'mumbles' (sometimes) till he wakes up!  So cute!

♥ After learning how to gongxi gongxi, wave goodbye, clap hands, he now knows how to give flying kiss.

♥ When we play peek-a-boo, he will use his 2 hands to cover his face. He never get tired of this game.

♥ Now that he stands well and able to walk, I no longer use the bathtub for him when he showers.  I put foam bubbles on the wall (our toilet wall is black tiles) and he slap & slap on it!  The bathroom is full of bubbles after he showers!  Haha...

*Beanie came down with fever in the night due to the jab*


Blessed mum said...

oh..ours are so alike!! both stubbon ox! hahaha..and mine pinches me too!! All the time!

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