Friday, March 26, 2010

LZ @ Zoo

The school celebrates 70th Anniversary and is closed for the day! In fact this week, they attend school for only 3 days and next week there is another day off for the kids.  It is a good time for us to go to the zoo!  It is not a public holiday and most kids are in school. LZdaddy took a day off and spent time with us.  How sweet!

Few days ago, we were at the zoo but it drizzle for a long time and we decided not to go in.  Yes, were outside the zoo for an hour, waiting in the car and hoping that the rain will stop.  My Babies were very disappointed and we promised that we will be back.

I don't think my kids ever take any with the Ben & Jerry cow outside the zoo.  Today was a good time coz no one was there! Usually we see lots of kids waiting to take pics there.

Some of the shots I took, most of it I used lomo except the otters pic. The otters were so cute!  The all gathered in front of us when we walked towards them.

They were very disappointed when it started to rain. Thank goodness it stopped after about 20+mins..

This was Beanie FIRST time playing at the Children playground and he had lots of fun!  There's not much pics of L & Z coz they were too excited with the waterplay..  How often they get to play so freely without having to queue or squeeze with anyone?

  He looked so happy!

Right after washing up, they had ice cream and Beanie fell asleep halfway when I bf him.  He was very very tired..

 Though not a clear shot, I love this pic of LZ holding hands!

Before I end the post, here's a pic of my Babies!
L & Z's pics were taken before we leave for the zoo and Beanie's pic was taken at the zoo.


blurblur said...

Nice and heart warming pics!! Zoo is one of our fav place!! :)

Blessed mum said...

time for us to re-visit the zoo..its being quite a while we last visit.

Like beanie's thomas swimsuit!! cool!

Aces Family said...

Wow..such a wonderful family time u guys have...great to see Beanie enjoyed the waterplay!!


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