Monday, March 22, 2010

Grade 1 Ballet Exam

Pics taken while she was waiting to go into the room.

L missed school today coz she has ballet exam.  She wanted to go to school for few hours so she will not missed out anything but I told it is better for her to rest at home and be prepared for the exam.  I think most kids look forward to school holiday, so they do not need to go to school but not my girl.  She loves school and seeing her friends.

My princess was very nervous...  It was written all over her face.  I got to keep talking to her or ask her to do something so as to distract her from thinking about it.

In the morning, she practiced and practiced the steps at home.  I told her to relax and treat it like one of her lessons.  It is easier said than done. She asked me what if she fails... I told her what most important is that she knows she has done her best and even if she fails, she can take the exams again.  I have confident in my girl.  I'm not sure if she will pass with flying colors but I know she will pass.

When we were at the dance school, she practiced again with her teacher and classmates.  Other girls were not as nervous as her, maybe due to age, she is a yr older than the rest (she started ballet a year late). I didn't want her to be distracted by me or Beanie so I stand quietly a distance away to record (video) her.  Such a pity I won't be able to see how she performed in the room.

When she came out from the room, I could she was relieved!  Her smile was more natural!  Haha...   After that, we rushed to school to pick Z up.   Sweetie, I know you can do it!


Angeline said...

Awesome! *clap clap clap*
That natural smile on her face when she comes out, tells it all ya? *wink*

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