Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beanie @ 13 Months.

So fast!  Another month has passed...  Beanie is 13 months old now.

My little boy has changed, in terms of his eating habits and probably due to him teething lately.  He has not been eating much, sometimes only half of what he used to it.  I am worried... If you have been reading our blog, you will know how 'paranoid' I am with him not drinking or eating much (since newborn).
Beanie having his breakfast, cheese sandwiches(wholemeal & white bread) this morning and watching TV, which is rare coz he is not keen on TV.  Glad that he has appetite today! He finished the 2 sliced of bread with cheese!

Enjoyed his breakfast & TV despite the noise.

♥ Besides not eating well, he has bad habit now.  he spit out his food! He tastes something that he doesn't like, he spit it out and every time he does that, he gives me an innocent look.

♥ He enjoys feeding himself with his hands and he tries to use to spoon but still can't do it.  So whenever we have our meal, we will prepare some diced carrots/pumpkin/potato, peas so he can keeps himself busy. And he loves to feed me too! 

Beanie loves vegetables!  If we put meat & vegetables in front of him, he will definitely go for the veg!

♥ This little boy of mine has kept us busy!  He takes  out all his clothes from his drawers!  He knows which drawer belongs to him.  Besides that, we have to be careful with what we place on the tables (study table, dressing table etc)  he will reach up and sweep everything onto the floor!

He tried to reach for the grapes. *pic taken this afternoon*

And gave me this look when I said no and he has to wait.

♥ He enjoys going out, even though it is just a trip to the school to pick LZ up.  When I tell him I am going to help him wear his shoes, he happily sit down on the floor and tries to put it on himself.  But of coz he can't at this age.

♥  When I ask him where is his tummy, he smiles and tap on his tummy.  So cute!

♥  He loves it when we say "Ahhhhhh...." and stop together...   Sounds boring right?  But we enjoy doing it.

♥  When he sees a pen/marker, he grabs it and starts doodling everywhere and I have to quickly get him a paper or bring him to the easel.  Lately he practices his motor skills with it.  He removes the cover and cap it and he do this many times.  Here's a video of him doing it but be warned!  He screamed towards the end of the video clip! 

Look at him!  With ink marks all over!  His face, hands & legs....

♥  Like I said in the previous monthly update, Beanie gonna be my little assistant.  He now helps to put back the house phone.   He loves to play with the phone! He pretends that he is talking on the phone.  Haha...  Whenever I caught him playing with it, I ask him to put it back and he will do it. 

♥ Besides the house phone, he is an iphone userHaha... He knows how to tap on the screen to 'turn' the page for the flashcards (which I downloaded for him) and he likes the song 3 little monkeys (which I downloaded for him too).


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Noticed that Boys in your home are used to not wearing shirt at home..hehe. Anders is always shy when i ask him to go "topless" at home like his daddy but he refused. : P

jean said...

jane, no worry, look he is so chubby.... must be all the good food u fed him with... he is just so cute!

Angeline said...

*Massive laugh*
that pen really made him tear his head off didn't it!!

I was rooting for him "put it in...cap it back..."*Massive Laugh*

And boy or boy, ain't his eyes glued on the TV or what!

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