Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yucks! Part 2

This is the second time Beanie tried durian and he still doesn't like it.

My boy looked so cute when I tried to feed him.  *proud mommy* And my老二 was so cheeky!  He tried the durian again and I am thinking if I should post it up.  I know he is not going to like it if he finds out. His expression is just as 'bad' as his brother! My princess refused to taste it.   We have tried feeding our 2 older babies durian since young and they rejected it since then.  


EastCoastLife said...

Your kids are growing taller each time I visit! Time flies...'

So cute, why don't they like durians? When my son was a toddler, he love durians so much! He is so easy to feed, he tries almost everything. :P

No wonder he becomes a chef.

crazymommy said...

HAHA!!He really knows he doesn't like it! Smart boy!

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