Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bento #164

In the box: Spinach noodle with quail eggs, pink prawn balls, fish cakes & carrots, water apples & kiwiberries.

I put too much food in her bento today that she can't finish it...  But she will always finish her fruits.

I'm running out of bento stuffs, like paper cups etc... Gotta get some soon.. Excuse to do some shopping.

I am very grateful that LZdaddy has been very supportive when comes to preparing bento for our babies. Whenever I tell him I ran out of some stuffs for their bento (to prepare the next day), he will volunteer to get it for me, no matter how late it is. Thank you my love! Of coz I am not so 'heartless' to ask him get it sometimes and I will make do with whatever is left.


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