Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ballet Grade 1 Mockup Exam - L

L will be having her mock up exam next week so the teacher arranged for one trial run for them as well as for parents to see how is it going to be like.   This is only a trial run and yet L was nervous!  So unlike her last year when she took her exam.  I think must be due to the fact is older now..

I am posting the whole process here.

She will be going into the exam room with 2 other friends. The other 2 girls are a year younger than she is and was not nervous at all. What a year difference it makes! Apart from doing group dancing, she will be doing 2 solo dances too.

I like the music that they used for the exams.

Looked so tiring with all the jumping and running ard.

One of her solo dances which is my favourite. She looks so graceful, which is so unlike her in person. ON the other hand, I could tell that she was nervous, look at the ending!

In the video, you could hear Beanie 'talking' to me. L forgot some of her steps and was a little stiff. Hopefully she doesn't do that next week.

Character skirt is of the thing required for this exam. It is not cheap just going for this exam! New skirt, leotards, 2 pairs of shoes and stocking but so long she makes effort to do well and enjoys it.

Another solo dance... Oh dear! She looked so unsure of the steps! Praying hard she will do well on that day...


Wonderful Life said...

Good luck L!

crazymommy said...

Best of luck, L!

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