Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bento #167

In the box: Steamed chicken drumstick with wolfberries, rice, crabstick, corn, sweet peas, grapes & raspberries.

I should have wrap up the tip of the drumstick with foil, only when I uploaded the pic that I realised it looked awful...

My princess wanted to eat on the floor outside the school again today but I told her not to.  She looked so pathetic when she sat on the floor to eat the lion bento the other time.. Also, I don't want her to spill the sauce all over her when she has class to attend after that (she is quite clumsy).


Angie said...

this is a very pretty bento!!

Angeline said...

Oh girl, not ugly lah!!!
I'm commenting on your blog while I wait for my fourth cake at my in-law's place *giggle*
My eldest niece saw and said "Soooo cute!"

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