Monday, March 08, 2010

Bento #166 (2 sets)

In the boxes: sushi (in the sushi: sausages, crabsticks, cucumber & stir fried beef onion). longan, grapes and Easter chocolates.

I tried to convince my kids to have other food in the bento but they insisted on having sushi.

I bought this beef seasoning to fry with the beef and they love it!  I marinated the beef for a while and fried it with onion. Yummy!  I like to go to the Japanese section in the supermarket to check out what they have,  Sometimes when I am lazy to cook, I use one of the seasonings to cook my meat dishes.  You can try it too.


Beautiful Love said...

Hei Jane, I neva tot of designing the sushi leh! Wow u really have lots ideas!

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