Friday, November 24, 2006

Bob The Builder Show

We went for the show in the afternoon with my friend and her kids. The show was great but too short.

Before we enter the hall, there were these guys from HSBC trying to approach everyone with a picture frame in their hand, asking if anyone like to take pics, people ignored them or said no. I knew my babies would be very happy if they can take pics with Bob so I went forward to ask how much was that. This guy told me it was free! When people around me heard that, they immediately came forward. When we entered the hall, we realised it was a board and not Bob that we will be taking photo with. We then decided to do it after the show and if not crowded. After the show, there was only a handful of people queuing up, so we joined the queue. Probably most of the people think they have to pay for it.

When we got home, my babies knockout as they have missed their afternoon nap. I had to wake them up after half an hour coz L had to get ready for her ballet lesson. Though it was a short nap, both were recharged!


huisia said...

Wow,very nice photo frame, somemore it's FOC!

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