Saturday, November 04, 2006

Horse Ride @ Pasir Ris Park

Godparents and us went to Pair Ris Park (car park C) for pony rides today! It was supposed to be a pony but it turned out to be a horse. It's a horse right? Nevertheless L & Z enjoyed it except for the 'kisses' from mozzies. We put mosquito patch & spray, it didn't help at all. We changed our mind on bicycle rides after being 'kissed'! The only one that was not attacked was godpa, he was wearing jeans!

Boon & family meet up with us after the rides and we went to Pasir Ris Beach (car park D). The place was great! There was a cafe that was very near to the beach. As it was still early, our men and baby Javier had drinks at the cafe while we ladies went to the beach with my babies. We picked lots of seashells! How I wished I had brought along their beach toys. When it was getting dark, we joined the guys at the cafe for dinner. I must say that the chicken wings and sambal fried rice were yummy!


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