Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Must Take Turns & Share

L & Z sometimes like to play with toys while showering. They like to put water in the watering can & cups and pour on themselves or each other. So this evening they playing with the toys again and Z told me "mommy must take turn. Jiejie, your turn!". L said "thank you!". Usually he will push L away if she wants to take water but not today.

Sometimes they will fight for things, even like who use the toilet first. L usually would be the one giving in to Z after that. She told me "Didi is my brother and he is still a baby." Sometimes I have to tell her didi is no longer a baby and he must learn to give in too. Gagaga....

After we pick them up from school and while in the car, they like to eat their snacks. If Z has finished his earlier in school, L will share it with him, without me telling her to. Z, on the other hand, will be reluctant to share. L has to say "PLEASE... Jiejie love you and always share with you so u must share with me." Sometimes he will share it or he will simply said "NO!" Lately, he has changed! He share with jiejie without me telling him! Jiejie was very happy and said "mommy! Didi share his snack with me!"

I am very happy that both of them are sharing things and taking turns nowadays. That means less complains from both too! :D


Jan said...

it's so nice to see them so loving and sharing.....

wished my rays can be more like your L & Z.....gagagag

huisia said...

Wah, they are so lovely!
How you taught them about "sharing"?

Anonymous said...

Hello from the U.S. Love your blog. RichieAnn

MyBabies said...

There are times that they argue too :) Give Rays more time and don forget LZ are a year older then them, more mature lah! Hehehe

Thanks for the compliments :D
Errr... Quite a long story :)... To make it short, I always tell them to put themselves in others' shoes, how would they feel if the other doesn't share? They seem to understand that ;)

Thanks for visiting :D

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