Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breaking The News

This evening, I sat them in front of me and told them that they will be transfering to another school next year. 'Hurray!' was what I heard instead of 'huh'. They seemed to take it well and I do hope so.....
Below were part of our conversation:

L : U mean xxxx road?
Me : No sweetie... It's the church kidergarten that you used to attend when you were younger. Remember your principal, Ms B?
L : Yes! I like her alot!
Me : Both of you will meet lots of new friends and teachers too.
Z : New friends? Yeah! ( wonder he knows what I mean)
L : You mean my friends will not be there?
Me : No... But you like meeting new friends right? And you get to spend more time with mommy and you will not be in school throughout the day. Don't you like it?
(I said that coz lately both rather spend more time at home than in school)
L : Yes! I like to be with mommy!
Z : I want (to) be with mommy too!
Me : I can enrol you in other courses then since you will be spending less time in school. Myabe you can take up drawing and Z can take up taekwondo. What do you think?
LZ : Yeah! We want go to the new school!

I told them about the orientation this Saturday and they were looking forward to it. Let's hope they truely mean it ;>


Jan said...

wow...taekwondo ah...always wondered when is the right age to start!

It will be nice to spend more time with mummy then spend the whole day in school...

Mama Bliss said...

oh goodie... it wasn't that difficult afteralll ;)

Huisia said...

Seems like they don't have any problem to attend a new school LOL!

MyBabies said...

I've checked on the taekwondo lesson.... They can start at 31/2 yrs :)
I hope so :) Hope they don complain bored after awhile

Mamabliss & Huisia
Hopefully they really take so well :)

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