Friday, November 10, 2006

Reading Books

Bought the whole set of the "Key to reading" from Popular book store for L & Z last week. L just started on the 1ST book! I planned to buy the other set instead of these but some of the books were not available.

Ya... I may be a kiasu mommy, but I hope to cultivate reading habit in them.

"Key To Reading is a series of readers for children aged between 4 and 7 years.It is written based on whole-word approach to the teaching of early reading. The whole-word approach is based on research findings that 65% of the words that a child encounters in his reading materials consist of some 400 words. If a child can master these 400 words, he/she can read and make sense of most of his/her text.

This series adopts a thematic approach to teaching reading so that children can relate better to the themes introduced in local kindergartens and schools. Children will taught to read texts based on a selection of 500 highfrequency words and sight vocabulary. Each title in the series introduces a selected number of new words in increasing number and level of difficulty. Each new word is repeated an average of 9 to 10 times within the same story to ensure that children learn the meaning and use of the words. There will also be lauguage activities at the end of each book to consolidate and reinforce learning."


Mama Bliss said...

yes yes yes!!! start them early early on's the smartest move... cos reading is so important in our daily lives... it's practically the most essential skill... I've a lot more info on reading in my homeschool link do check it out when you have the time ya

huisia said...

I saw these in Popular here too. I didn't buy as i prefer Peter and Jane most.

MyBabies said...

I find that reading only bedtime story is not enough so got to do more. Thanks! :) Will check on your website.

I wanted to buy the Peter & Jane series but they don't have the whole series :(. I went thru these and it's not bad too. They have all those common words as well. Aiya... Should ask you to send some over hor.. Hehehe....

Jan said...

No kiasu lar......I don't buy because the school already has a series that they have recommended us to buy. If the school didn't recommend, I would also be with you at Popular ah.....kekeke

MomiJJ said...

The Robin series is gd. I got 1 set too but for younger kids

MomiJJ said...

I find the Robin series is more colorful than the Peter n Jane series.

I got one set for Janelle and she enjoys it.

MyBabies said...

She has a set from the school too but she likes to read, so I bought more for her. Oh... So both of us are Popular fan huh? Gagaga...

Great to find another mommy that bought these books too. :)

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