Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fun Filled Sunday Part 3 - Setting Up Xmas Tree

Our First Xmas tree.... L & Z had fun setting up! They chose the decors and decorate it themselves with a little help from us.


huisia said...

Z bottomless? They're so helpful!

crazymommy said...

I think it is a good idea to get a tree that is small for the children to decorate themselves. My sister did the same too and her boys had a wonderful time decorating all by themselves.

By the way, can't stop laughing when I saw L in her 小裤子. Hahaa... that's what I would wear for Nikita when we went back to Singapore. I remember someone laughed when she saw the pix of Nikita in her undies... and I thought I did something wrong. :P

MyBabies said...

OH my!Forgot to put on shorts for them. ;)

That's what I thought too :) They are still having redecorating the tree.
Gagaga.... That's why for the pics, I try not to show them in their undies :)

kelly said...

Looks like they were having lots of fun decorating the tree... Oops, we haven't bought one...and it's already Dec!

MyBabies said...

Not too late :) You can display the tree for another 20 days :)

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