Monday, November 06, 2006

Cough Cough

Z was coughing since Saturday night and thank God he didn't come down with any fever. He ate lots of the chicken wings and that may be the reason. Our family doctor's clinic was not opened on Sunday so I fed him some medicine. I brought him to the clinic and Doc said it was good that I fed him the medicine first and it seemed to get better. So Doc S decided to not to give him any antibiotics. Phew!

I asked for cream to apply on those mosquito bites and I asked Doc S if it really help with the patch and spray or if there's other way. He said it doesn't help at all and the only way was to cover them up. Haiz.... Think we'll have to live with it then.


kelly said...

Hope Z is feeling better now. Ah, the patch and spray actually don't help..I didn't know about that.. I hate mosquito too.

MyBabies said...

Thanks! He's much better now :) I didn;t know that till I asked my Doc

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