Friday, November 10, 2006

Out On A Rainy Day

It was raining heavily this evening when I picked up my babies from school. Was hoping it will stop raining half hour later so that L can go for ballet lesson, it didn't but it was much better. It was only her 2ND lesson and I really don't want her to miss it. So Z put on his raincoat for the 1st time and L had to carry her umbrella coz she left her raincoat in school. With a haversack, 2 umbrellas and 2 kids with me, we braved the rain!

They were very well behaved while on our way there. Z was walking between L and me, and both of us were holding umbrellas on the other hands. We were chatting, looking and smiling to each other while walking. How I wished there was someone there to take a picture of us!

When we were arrived, L rushed to changed her shoes and went for her lesson and told me :"mommy, you and didi don't need to go in with me OK? U guys wait outside for me." And off we went! I brought Z to the mall for a haircut and I was very glad that they have a new hairstylist in the shop. The previous hairstylist always asked me to cut his hair short and it 's always the same. I told the new hippy hairstylist that I would like to keep the length at the back. I love his new hairstyle! I took lots of pics till he said "mommy, enough!"After L finished her lesson, she excited run towards me and told me she enjoyed her lesson and she said "Miss K gave me 2 stickers because I behaved!" I'm proud of my girl! After changing, we went to Mac for dinner and we had a good time there while waiting for daddy.


kelly said...

Wow, nice hairstyle! Z looks more handsome now..:p

huisia said...

Oh, his hair style very nice LOL! Is it the final output?

Jan said...

gagaga....his new hairstyle so stylo milo funky!

MyBabies said...

Kelly, Huisia & Jan
Thanks you Ladies :) I love his new hairstyle but hor... After washing his hair, I don't know how to gel it. Terrible mommy...

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