Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fun Sunday Part 1

It was L & Z first time going for a movie! They were very excited and we were too, coz we have not been to a cinema for years!

I think daddy was paranoid with the thought of bringing them to a cinema, so we went to "The Cathay" with godparents to watch "Happy Feet". He worried that they will make a fuss in the cinema and he had to carry one of them out. Gagaga... I knew they will be fine since they have been to a theatre to watch play. We bought popcorn and drinks to keep them occupied too.

They were all right in the cinema except for times when L & Z asked questions and Z went to the toilet. I had to remind them to speak very softly. Good thing is that we watch the 11am show and the cinema was quite empty.


huisia said...

So next time can go more LOL since they were quite well behaved.

MyBabies said...

Planning to :) Hope they will be as well behaved as this time

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