Friday, November 24, 2006

I Don't Need My Diaper Anymore!

I decided to start training Z to go to bed without his diaper since last night. I asked him if he wants to wear his underwear or diaper. He said:" I want underwear! I big boy!" He went to the toilet before bedtime and he didn't wake up during the night. When he woke up this morning, he didn't wet his pants! Let's hope this will continue......

Updated :
Both my kids were diaperless before 3. First I started training them when they are awake, then diaperless during nap time and I let them choose which underwear to buy, to get them interested in trying.

My PD told me to start training them only if their diapers are dry but I didn't wait for that coz I think when I let them wear diapers, they depend on it.

I put the water proof mat (I'm not sure what you call that) under their bedsheets. Before naptime, I encouraged them to use the toilet 1st. I also told them they are big girl/boy and they don't need that. It may take some time but it worked.

At night, I gave them their milk earlier and try not to let them drink too much liqiud before bedtime. They sleep at 8+ and at midnight, I get them to go toilet. Then they will be able to hold it till they wake up the next day.

It was easy for me to train my girl but not my boy. He throw tantrums when I drag him to the toilet but after few days, he got used to it. Now, I don't have to wake him up anymore, he will wake up on his own if he needs to use the toilet. He was so proud of himself, saying I am a big boy!


huisia said...

Well Done! Hehee...can save the money for other stuffs now..

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