Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday To Ah Mah

After attending Joshie's bday party, we went to Ah Mah's house to celebrate her birthday! Almost all our family members were there. We had port luck and there was lots of yummy food! The adults were happily chatting and eating, while the younger ones have fun together including my babies though some of them their age gap were abt 15 years apart from L & Z. Ah Mah was very happy, she was smiling and laughing throughout.


huisia said...

Happy Birthday to Ah Mah!
I think she is happy when seeing all her kids and grand-kids around her.

Jan said...

Happy birthday to ah ma too!! of cos she is happy, what is more happy then to have all the loved ones to celebrate your birthday with? kekekeke

MyBabies said...

Huisia & Jan
Thank you Ladies! :) She was indeed very happy!

Mama Bliss said...

wow so happening leh... a lot of celebration going on... SO FUN FUN FUN!!! ;)

MyBabies said...

Ya, lots of celebrations toward year end, that means more holes in the pocket too :)

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