Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fun Filled Sunday Part 2 - Art Work

After taking their nap, we did art work, a rocket & a mini castle. For the castle,

Castle - Things we used:

  • 4 toilet rolls

  • 1 tissue box

  • paper hand towels

  • construction papers

  • glitters

  • glue

  • scissors

  • scotch tape

  • paints


  • Paint the toilet rolls

  • Glue paper hand towels around the tissue box and paint it ( to create a rough surface). Paint it gently otherwise you will tear the paper.

Make sure both are dry before continue....

  • Make cone with construction papers ( see pic. 1) and use scotch tape to stick it

  • Glue it on top of the 4 toilet rolls

  • Use scissors to make 2 cut on the toilet rolls to slot on top of tissue box. Be careful when slotting, paper hand towel may come off (pic.2)

  • U can decide how you want to decorate the castle. We used green glitters, we made it looks like green plants are growing on the wall.


Things we used:

  • 1 paper hand towel roll

  • construction papers

  • coloured tissue papers

  • scissors

  • glue


  • colour the paper hand towel roll

  • make cone with construction paper ( use the same shape as the castle's but bigger) & stick it on top with glue

  • cut strips for the tissue paper and stick it on the other end

  • u can decide how you want to decorate the rocket, Z likes shapes so we glued different shapes on it.


Jan said...

waaaaaa...i like the castle....rocket also nice lar but I am still a little at heart...castle castle!!!

kekeke, you bet i am going to try to make it with the kids...thanks for sharing the tip!

crazymommy said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting craft!! I will try it with Nikita soon. :)

huisia said...

Wow,the castle so nice. i have idea again..TQ!

kelly said...

Yup, the castle is nice...I'm going to do it with Qianyi one day. :p

MyBabies said...

Hi Ladies!
Glad that all of you like the craft :) Hope you enjoy doing it with you kids.

Elaine said...

Nice crafts! Now Warren has more crafts to do!

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