Saturday, November 18, 2006

Orientation Day

Brought my babies to Hans for lunch alone since daddy was at work and will only be able to rush back at 1+pm. The orientation was at 2 and as usual we were late. :(

When we were parking our car, L saw the surrounding and she remembered the place. She was asking if we were late and kept telling us "hurry up everyone! We are late!". The orientation has started when we arrived at the hall. I told them who Ms B (principal) was and L recognised her. Z was a little cranky halfway thru it, coz he woke up very early and daddy had to carry him. While L and me were listening and I was explaining to her things. At the end of the talk, L said she wants to say hello to Ms B, so we went up to her. Surprisingly, she remembered L! The good news was that she will be L's form teacher! How glad I was to hear this! :)

Thereafter, we went downstairs to pay the fees and to buy uniforms. It was a chaos! Parents were rushing to pay the fees and kids were running everywhere! Daddy had to pay for their fees at separate areas (in their respective class/ to teachers) . Good thing was it was done in the classroom so L & Z played with the toys while daddy did the running. While Z was playing with toys, this little girl came and snatched it. I noticed she was snatching toys from the kids. I do hope that this girl will not be in her class but then, her mommy was paying fees in Z's classroom! Haiz...

It was difficult to get into the uniform areas. We waited till there was less people before we enter. By then, Z was very cranky.... I managed to get them to try the uniforms and finally we bought it. As soon as we got into the car, Z fell asleep.


huisia said...

Oh, then hope Z won't learn the snatching habit from the little girl.

MyBabies said...

I hope so... *PRAY*

Jan said...

he must have been really tired and sleepy hor...nevermind, he lasted thro the whole thing before falling asleep in the car...considered quite a good boy liao lar!!!

MyBabies said...

We were very tired too. ;) Especially daddy, he was handling him while I was getting L to try the uniform. :)

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