Friday, November 17, 2006

Officially A SAHM

Yesterday was my last day of work! Hip hip Hurray!

I would like to call myself a 'tai tai' then to call myself a housewife! Gagaga... Errr... How to be a 'tai tai' when I have to do cleaning, laundry, etc etc etc? Never mind... I would still regard myself as a 'tai tai'! :D

Though I have work for a year, my total working days, I think was only 4 months coz I was working part time. My life will still be the same, doing everything except going to work. More free time till next year when my babies go to a kindergarten instead of a childcare, got to crack my brain to think of what to cook for lunch too and doing send & fetch.

I told them mommy will not be working from now on and they seem to understand or perhaps it doesn't make a difference to them. I was still there whenever they needed me, like when they were sick or when Z had a field trip. I don't think it make a difference to DH too. I think the only one that noticed any changes will be myself. I don't have to wake up early to prepare dinner before dawn, dozing off while watching my favourite programmes and less pocket money ;) .

That means I have more than a month to laze around? Not true! I have started planning on their birthday party and then Christmas. I have to start doing some spring cleaning too and that is going to take up most of my time. Oh my! There's tons of things to do! What free time? :D


huisia said...

Welcome you to join the SAHM club! Do enjoy yourself!

Jan said...

Wow...full fledged SAHM liao.....enjoy it....lesser money also nevermind lar....just treasure the extra moments with your kids.....btw...I always tot you were a SAHM

MyBabies said...

Thanks, I will enjoy it :)

Will do :) I was working part time for a year, sometimes I don even work for the whole month! So that's why ppl think I'm a SAHM :) Now I can offcially say that. :)

kelly said...

Ya, there's not much "free time" much to do at home..:p

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