Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Careful When Using Escalator!

This evening, DH brought bk a copy of the New Paper. I read that another girl's foot was caught on the escalator. Oh no! Another accident in 3 days?

I decided to tell them about this and so I told my little ones that there will not be any story tonight. They were very disappointed, "huh? Why no story tonight?". Then I said," That's because mommy wants to read you an article from the newspaper!"

L was very attentive while Z was not very interested while I read the newspaper. While reading, L asked me questions and she was very concerned about the little girl. I was very glad that she remembered those previous accidents that we have told her.

I asked them what have they learned from this. Z said "must hold mommy & daddy hand", "cannot run". L added, "must stand within the yellow lines and hold the side!"

We prayed that the 2 little girls will have a speeding recovery!


Jan said...

actually hor, i always tell my kids to hold the rail but becos they are short, when they hold the rail, they tend to be very close to the side which I think i very unsafe.....instead now, I hold them, in order to keep them away from the sides!!! what do you think huh?

MyBabies said...

I agree with u :) Now that they are taller, I let them hold the side too.

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