Monday, November 20, 2006

We Bought A Xmas Tree!

Like I said earlier, what the kids ask for, daddy will oblige :) We bought our Xmas tree at Concourse yesterday! Next time, if I want anything, I should get my babies to ask for it. Gagaga...

Since we were buying the tree for L & Z, we asked them for their ideas. Z said yes to everything we asked while L was full of ideas. I thought choosing a tree will be easy, how wrong I was! We took about 2 hours to settle what we want (tree & decors). I was very glad Godma was with me throughout, never trust man to help u with this.

When we went home, both asked if we were going to set up the tree. I told them maybe I'll pick them up early one of the days to help with the setting up and I need to clean the house before we do that.


huisia said...

I like to use cotton to decorate my x'mas tree, as i love white x'mas so much.

kelly said...

We are thinking of buying a X'mas tree too...but I'm afraid Qianyi will try to "destroy" it...:) There's a X'mas tree in Qianyi's school now and they are playing X'mas song too.

Jan said...

a Christmas tree...this is so exciting...rememeber to post a picture of your tree okok!!!

am sure the kids would be thrilled to help you put up the tree

MyBabies said...

Hope to see your xmas tree pics! :)

That's what I worried too. I have never thought of buying one till the kids ask for it and they 'promise' not to damage it.

I will definitely post it :) They have been asking when are we setting up the tree. :)

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