Friday, January 04, 2008

The 2ND & 3RD Day

2ND Day

Her first bento for school.

After the first day of school, L asked if I can prepare her snack box again. This time she wanted home cooked food, pasta or rice. My girl thinks she is in a cafe and she is placing order. Hehehe.... I know I know.... I was supposed to encourage her to buy food instead but I can't say no to her for craving for my cooking :p So yesterday I woke up at 5+am to cook! I prepared sausage pasta, cut watermelon, juice and 2 chocolate marshmallow. LZdaddy sent it to school before her recess so that she had warm food. Our efforts paid off after seeing her polishing off everything (except 1 marshmallow).

Z still need a little more coaxing before he went to school and daddy spent some time with him before he went to class. I had a good talk with him after school and he promised me he will go to school and he is someone that will keep his promise :)

3RD Day

By the third day of school, I am very tired.... Rushing them to get ready and preparing myself too. Thank goodness I didn't volunteer to help out everyday in school. I don't think I can cope with the housework, cooking and teaching my kids if I have to be in school that often. I am trying my best to adjust to our new routine too. If MY babies can do it, so can I :)

L bought her food from the canteen and I was the one that showed her to the store instead of her buddy. She queued up on her own and bought a plate of chicken rice. She took a long time to finish her food and when the bell rang, her buddy was helping her to pack up. Haiz... My girl is a slow eater... I hope she will do better and finish her food before the bell ring. She has been saying that she wants to visit the school library but I don't think she will have time. She used up her 30 mins recess for meal for the past 3 days..

Today is the last day I help out the teacher and it was a good experience for me. After morning assembly, the teacher thank us for the help and said she doesn't need later. I stayed on anyway coz L was having her mass PE and I want to see how she was doing. Another parent volunteer had to stay on so I decided to help her out. By then, most of the volunteers already left the school except 2 of us. We stayed till after recess and I was glad I did that. The parent volunteer that I was helping have another 5 kids without buddy!

A promise is a promise :) My boy happily went to school today! Yippee! I think he is slowly getting used to it. Well done baby!


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Hats off to you !! Able to juggle with so many tasks.

Glad that LZ are both adapting well to their new environment.

Good to learn of all these new school days, i know it will comes in handy for me next year.



Rachel.S said...

L is so blessed to have such a hardworking and thoughtful mummy..!

huisia said...

no wonder didn't see you update your blog, just don't know your situation.

anne said...

Hi, I am a mum from bayb supplies, Very encouraged by ur effort for bento

May i know how u
a) roll sandwich until so cute
b)how to cut sandwich

from phoon huat or ntuc , kind of moulds, issit?

LZmommy said...


Thank you for visiting my blog :) I have 2 mommies visiting me from bayb supplies (or are you the other person who leave comment earlier?). I wonderful why my blog is mention there.... :) As I am not a bayb supplies member.

Anyway, ans to your questions. :)
a) I used small sushi mat which you can get it anywhere
b)I used cookie cutters that I bought from supermarket/phoon huat/ other bakeware stores.

Hope you will have fun with it :)

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