Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After 2 weeks.... - L

Another Looong Post (",)

Time passes so fast.... It has been 2 weeks since L started her primary school life. She is doing great in school :)

Everyday after school, she would excitedly tell me what happen in class, any homework (Yes! she has homework since last week) or any messages from teachers. I hope she will continue doing that even when she goes to college. Think too far right? Hehehe..... Yesterday, she came back with her English spelling lists and she said her Chinese language teacher will be giving her the list soon too. I heard from my friends that most school are still in the 'play' mood for the P1 but my girl has already started her lesson since Day 2.

One of the things that I like abt the school is that they encourage children to bring a storybook (or borrow from school library)everyday to school. From Mondays to Wednesdays, they are told to bring a English storybook. Thursdays & Fridays, they are encourage to bring a Mother Tongue storybook. While waiting for the flag raising or assembly to begin, they will have silent reading.

As for Chinese lesson, she is doing well too. Her Chinese language teacher has a reward programme for them. Whenever they are able to answer her questions or their worksheets are correct, her teacher will give out stickers after the lesson. So far, she has collected 9 stickers. She is looking forward to her 10th stickers coz her teacher will be giving out present to those that have 10 stickers. I think the Chinese Enrichment classes has helped her a lot.

Talking abt her Chinese enrichment class..... When we went for her 1st lesson, I thought she would be doing the regular Chinese, so we went to that classroom. Then I noticed that her name was not on the whiteboard. I asked the receptionist and they told me that they have placed her in the Higher Chinese class! Huh? Higher Chinese? Later, I found out that her previous teacher has recommended her to be in that class. I am worried if she can cope with it.... I asked the Principal and she assured me that if the present teacher thinks L can't cope with it, they will transfer her to the other class. I felt better after hearing this :)

Recess.... She has been without buddy for the past 2 days, the buddy system has ended. She gave a buddy a little present to her buddy on the last day. She said she is going to miss her during recess. On Monday, my girl asked my packed some snacks for her but she forgot abt it and bought food from the canteen. Today, she placed order with my 'cafe' again :) She 'ordered' fried rice (forgot to take pic of it). I woke up earlier to cook for her and and placed it in a warmer bag. Tomorrow she has already told me what she wants, some biscuits and crackers.

Today, she told me she has a locker and her locker no. is 162! Her teacher told her that she can put things in the locker but no food & drinks to be inside. That also means that my girl will not have to carry many books/things to school.

I am so happy that she is enjoying her school life, making new friends and taking up responsibilities.


Rachel.S said...

Not surprise L was being selected for higher Chinese class... Think she is a very bright & loving child that every teacher likes.

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