Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Getting Ready

As soon as we got home from the gathering, L and me packed her school bag. It was easy to pack as we were given a list..... L packed the things and I make sure that everything she needs was in the bag.

She was excited with her school bag and her pocket $$$$$! We gave a $2 (coins) and hopefully she doesn't use all of it. This was not the first time she used a wallet. I bought last year... Sometimes when we go out, she carried it with her but she never used it so she gave up bringing it along. When we buy snacks, I would usually passed her the money and make sure she got the right change. I hope she will be able to handle it well :) I am relieved to know that they will assign a P5 student to take care of them during recess for the 1st 2 week. Being a worried mom, I told her what to expect and what to do during recess.

I will be in school with her tomorrow as I have volunteered to help out for next 3 days. I am not assigned to assist her class though...

As for Z, we told him he will be going to the jiejie's old school (same school but different compound). I am worried that he will not want to go to school tomorrow. He missed his previous teacher and he once mentioned that he doesn't want to go the other side. I wouldn't be able to see how is he doing tomorrow but I am glad daddy took leave to be with him.

Hope everything will be fine for all of us. L has a good form teacher & friends, Z doing well in class and me, get along well with the PSG members.


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