Friday, January 18, 2008

Why Is Teacher Sick?

Today Z's teacher, Ms B did not go to school

Z : Mommy today Ms B did not come to school. Mrs Leong and Ms Lin took care of us.

Me : Oh... What happen to her?

Z : She is sick and I know why.

Me : Why?

Z : Because she everyday 'scold' at us so she got sick. I don't think she scold them

Me : ....... (almost burst out laughing, trying so hard to control) Baby, I don't think so. I think she talk too much when some of you don't listen to her right?

Z : Mmmmmm.... I think so.


eastcoastlife said...

Kids always think adults like scolding them when we are merely telling them what not to do.

Hope the teacher gets better soon.

Which constituency are you in? Marine Parade? We have to meet up for tea some time.

I live near Tao Nan Primary School.

Rachel.S said...

Thinks Z really don't like her...better speak to the Principal abt it.

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