Friday, January 25, 2008

Tooth Fairy

On Monday, halfway through swimming, L cried coz she had a very bad toothache. It must be very painful... Since baby, she didn't cry whenever she went for injections. Remember I asked if I should pull out the tooth? If I had brought her to the dentist earlier, sh would not have toothache. Sorry Sweetie.... I thought so long there is no pain, it should be alright for her to wait for the tooth to drop off on its own. Some friends were telling me to wait too.

I managed to make an appointment for her yesterday. She didn't feel the pain as Doc applied the gel. She didn't even know when Doc has extracted it! :) I must say that L did very well :) She didn't cry at all!

Before and after the dental visit, she has been asking if the tooth fairy would visit her. I told her the fairy will come in the night when she is sleeping but I forgot about it. First thing she asked me this morning before she brushes her teeth

L : Mommy mommy! Did the tooth fairy visit me last night?
Me: (Oops!) I think so... Why don't you wash up first and check later?
L : OK
She happily went to the toilet

I forgot about it! Immediately, I took a $10 note and placed it under her pillow. I heard it should be 50 cents but at that moment, it slipped my mind and I simply took the money out of my purse.
Moments later....

L : Mommy! The tooth fairy came last night! Yeah! She took my tooth and she gave me money!

Z heard and asked jiejie what was it all about and why he didn't have any....

L replied : Didi, you will have to wait till your tooth drop then tooth fairy will visit you.

I hope I got it right... I heard some said that 'tooth dairy' give money and others said pressie. Who is right then? Or what I did was wrong? Pls let me know if I'm wrong... :) I am too lazy to find out... Hehehe....


Clement said...

Yup, either money or gift in exchange for the tooth will do. (

Wah...L 'tarn dio' leh. Got $10 for 1 tooth! ;)

Rachel.S said...

I read somewhere that it should be a present.

It' the same for R, I forgot about it until R asked the same question and I just slip a $1 coin under her pillow. : P

ilovepearly said...

I think it's money, never heard of present but i guess it depends on what you like.

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