Saturday, January 26, 2008

When Will He Change His Mind?

LZ spent some time with my dad in the morning and LZdaddy took care of them while I have some ME time, to perm/colour/cut my hair! I spent 5+hr sitting on the chair and bums aching. Hehehe.... I'm not complaining ;) How often do I get to do this? :) I have to make arrangement before I could have this luxury.

We have not finished packing the house for Chinese New Year nor have I finished shopping for the clothes. I don''t care now as I just want to do something for myself! Hahaha.... LZdaddy was very sweet to take care of them and to pay for it ;)

Before LZ left for my parents' place, I asked LZ (just like the other time)

Me : I cut my hair short ok?
L : Like daddy''s hair, so short?
Z : Very short?
Me : Not that short, maybe a little longer. Can?
Z : OK
L : Yeah! Mommy going to cut her hair short!

I was sooooo HAPPY! He walked off but seconds later.....

Z : Mommy, you cannot cut your hair short! If you cut, I will not hug and kiss you!
L : Mommy, then you cannot cut your hair very short! Hahaha...
Me : ..........

Haiz..... What a threat!

I knew we (my friend and I) were going to finish quite late and I was worried that LZ may be hungry. I called LZdaddy to go ahead for dinner but LZ rather wait for me. They missed me.... :)

First thing Z said to me before he even step out of the car

Z : Mommy, did you cut your hair very short?
Me : No, I trimmed my hair
Z started ''checking'' on my hair.
Z : Why here so short? You cut it short!
Me : No I didn't. I layered my hair. See? (I turned around to show them)

He gave a very satisfied smile *.* As for L, she is a very sweet girl.. She said whatever hairstyle I have, I am still her pretty mommy :)


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