Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Parent Support Group Party

Last week, we received email invitation from the Chairperson of PSG (Parent Support Group) to the Welcome Party. It was very sweet of the PSG to have a welcome party for the new members :)

Knowing LZdaddy (daddy is also a PSG member) is a very busy person, I thought he had turned down the invites. So I 'pester' my friend (also a PSG new member) to go. To my surprise, he said he will be going! He has even applied half day leave to go with me! Wow! Thank you Dear :)

We were asked to contribute a dish.... So here's my baked donuts! :)

We were late for the party as I spent time talking to Z's teacher. When we arrived, the Chairperson was halfway through her speech and the Principal was getting ready for her turn. I was worried that Z might not be able to keep quiet but I was wrong. He was very well behaved throughout. I had the chance to show him where the library is. He was very excited and said he hope jiejie will borrow some books for him too.

LZdaddy felt quite left out as he was 1 of the 3 daddies around. I told him it matters to me that he was with me and I am proud that he made an effort to turn up. At least he got the chance to see the people I am mixing around with :)

Honestly, we were quite bored at the party.... We didn't know most of them, only some that I met when I help out for the 3 days. But the Chairperson was nice to try to introduce the rest to us. When the party ended, we were just in time to pick L up.


Rachel.S said...

It's so sweet for the daddy to join the gathering. You must be the envy among the volunteers, to have such nice hubby to willing to go through this.

eastcoastlife said...

Try to know more people in PSG. And suck up the principal. hahaha.... easier to talk when your kid has problems next time.

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