Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you like it?

We went shopping and found this pair of Nike shoes on sale. We asked Z if he likes it, He did this pose and said "let me think... " Now I wish they were babies.... Then I can do my shopping fast ;) Everything I buy for them now, I have to ask if they like it, unless I go shopping on my own. How often do I get to shop on my own then? :) If I shop for myself, LZ love to give me their opinion too. Z loves to help me choose the shoes "mommy, how about this pair?" and L love to help me with my clothes and ... Ahem! Undergarment! Hahaha....

But I am glad that LZ are quite easy to please :) If I sweet talk to them, they will say OK (at times). Sometimes, they will sweet talk to me too :) "We like what mommy choose for us." How sweeet! If they don't say ok, I will use my authority. Hahaha.....

After shopping, we had dinner at a newly opened Chinese restaurant "Huang Jia". Ambience and service are great but the price...... Anyway, I found a writeup abt the restaurant. LZ especially love the seats there, big & comfy.


Sue said...

So sweet that they can help you just dropped in..I think I have been before..will be back..

Rachel.S said...

Z is so cute with that pose. Agrees with u, we never be able to find time to shop alone

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

We had dinner at Huang Ting, another branch of Huang Jia. The captain mentioned that the 2 words add together is "Jia Ting", so we joked that they cannot have 3rd outlet..hee : )

Yeah, the seats are very comfy and their staff are all well groomed.

The price is ...hee : P but service was good.


LZmommy said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note :)
Hope you will come back again :)

Rachel S.
He is another vain pot of mine :)
I'm sure you know you can understand that :)

Gagaga... I think they can have another outlet with the 'le' word.

My kids said they want to go there again because of the seats! *FAINT*

blurblur said...

Agreed with you that as they get older, our shopping trip also gets longer...everything also must ask for opinions and even if we don't ask, they'll also provide comments...haha...

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