Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Z's 1St Spelling Test

Z's handwriting is very neat now compared to few weeks ago

Z did his 1ST spelling test today and I totally forgot about it! As I have mentioned earlier, he is able to spell out the words using phonics.

He was very happy to show me his spelling book and told me that we need to sign it. Well, he prefers daddy to sign it :( Nevertheless, I am very happy that he did well :)

Noticed his handwriting? It wasn't that neat few weeks ago. Thanks to his teacher, Ms B :) She is very strict with the handwriting. If he write 'uneven' words, his teacher will highlight it on his worksheets. To think that I complained abt this to LZdaddy then :p Now, Z is very particular with the way he writes, especially when he is doing his schoolwork.


J@n!ce said...

Good job, Z.... Its really neat & he spelt all correctly :):)

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