Sunday, January 13, 2008

Carl's Birthday Party

Last year when we were invited to Carl's Birthday party, L fell sick. She was very disappointed. This year, she was very excited that she was able to attend it and didi was invited too :)

We arrived just in time for the magic show :) The children had fun watching the magic show and games conducted by the magician. Both LZ had a chance to be on stage to participate in the games.

LZ on stage playing the game. They were asked to say "Ï love spiderman" and see who has the longest breath. Z was so funny


huisia said...

haha, yeah, he's so funny!

Angelcow said...

Wow...what a grand party! Z is so cute, hahaha!! "i love spiderman." short and sweet!! hahahahaha!!

VICTORIA said...

Hi, saw you on top your blog, how did you do the falling hearts??? I love them!
Your kids are so cute!

laura said...

Looks like fun!
Your children are SO cute :) I love the little video clips you have on your sidebar.
I'm always doing videos and taking loads of pictures too.

kelly said...

Wow, what a nice birthday party...the kids must have had loads of fun... Yup, Z was so funny! :p

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